About company

About company

TransHub24 is a platform for a worldwide freight. We unite cargo owners and cargo carriers, and also provide an opportunity to receive any services related to the transportation of goods: customs clearance, certification, purchase, sale, rental and leasing. We either represent all types of carrying or companies that provide related services.

We will help you to purchase, rent or repair vehicle. With TransHub24 you will find the carrier of your valuable goods in a few minutes, and tomorrow your cargo will already be on its way to its destination

Find customers
for shipping
Cargo and
liability insurance
Check vehicles, drivers and companies in one place
Documents exchange for carriage
Choose the most profitable conditions
Ship and pick up cargo fast

Director's announcement

TransHub24 is a project created for your convenience and time saving, and also a place where your desires turn into opportunities 24 hours a day.

Alekseeva E.A.
General Director of the "IMPEX" company
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